Whee! Design

Online Print On Demand Storefront

Who They Are

Whee! Design is actually a brand of Valador Studios. The main focus of the Whee! Design brand is Print On Demand (POD) T-Shirt and merchandise designs. Using CafePress as our POD partner, we have been able to take advantage of their licensing agreements with various television, movie and other properties to produce a large number of designs we otherwise would not be able to.

What We Did

The Whee! Design and Whee! TV brands rely heavily on the CafePress API for maintaining a complete ecommerce storefront as well as a fully integrated backend merchandise, design and store manager.

Using a mySQL database maintained through the use of the API, the store front displays all of the products contained within multiple CafePress 'Shops' in a single, user friendly web site. The site links directly to the CP shopping cart for the checkout section of the process.

The backend of the site allows management of pricing, designs, products, sections and more. Designs can easily be uploaded to the CafePress site and automatically sized on over 300 different products.

  • CafePress API Integration
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Integration