CafePress Pro-Tip: Tagging Designs and Getting Them Seen

Whether you're new to CafePress or a seasoned seller, there is always something you can learn to help get your designs seen in the CP Marketplace.

Here's a few tips from CafePress and myself on how to be smart when you tag your designs and help get your designs in front of viewers and maybe even get some sales.

Check out this link, mentioned in the video, to see the CafePress Tagging Best Practices and Tips.

Check out CafePress here:

My main Whee! Design CafePress profile:

The Whee! Geek CafePress profile being built during these videos:

Disclaimer: While I sell my designs through CafePress, I am not employed by CafePress, nor am I compensated for these videos by CP in any way.