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  • AdaFruit AdaBox002 Robot Speed Build

    A quick speed build and demo of the AdaFruit Robot Friend from the subscription box AdaBox002. This was a fun, easy build and it was easy to adjust and upload the Arduino code to the AdaFruit Feather microcontroller.

    The AdaFruit Learning System, is an amazing resource for learning electronics, 3D printing, and a lot of other cool stuff. Make sure you check it out!

    And if you're interested in building one of your own and didn't get the box, it looks like it's available as a purchase now on the AdaFruit web site here: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3235

    Follow the instructions for the box in the AdaFruit Learning System: http://learn.adafruit.com/adabox002

  • Getting Started with CafePress in 2017 #2 - Maximize Your Commissions

    In order to maximize your earning potential at CafePress, there are some things you need to do on a regular basis. Learn how to keep your Sales Quality Score as high as possible and your commission at the maximum of 10%.

    If your commission ever drops below 10%, ask yourself these questions:

    • Have you logged in to CafePress in the last three months?
    • Have you uploaded at least one design in the last three months?
    • Have you gained a follower on CafePress.com in the last three months?
    • Have you followed another designer on CafePress.com in the last three months?
    • Is your designer profile at least 80 percent complete?

    I'll help you answer YES! to all of these questions and make sure you're getting as much commission as possible.

    Check out CafePress here: http://cafepress.com

    CP Terms of Service: http://www.cafepress.com/cp/popup/index.aspx?page=terms_policies

    My main Whee! Design CafePress profile: http://www.cafepress.com/profile/wheedesign

    The Whee! Geek CafePress profile being built during these videos: http://www.cafepress.com/profile/whee.geek

    Disclaimer: While I sell my designs through CafePress, I am not employed by CafePress, nor am I compensated for these videos by CP in any way.

  • Getting Started with CafePress in 2017 #1 - Intro & Sign Up

    If you're an artist, a photographer, or a graphic designer looking to showcase your work on t-shirts, hoodies, bags and other fun merchandise, or if you're a business or organization that wants to sell branded merchandise, CafePress is one option you should consider.

    This introductory video to my Getting Started with CafePress series will walk you through signing up for a CafePress account as well as giving you a little background info. I've been using CafePress since July of 2007, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to share some of the info, tips, and tricks I've picked up over the years that have helped make me successful.

    Check out CafePress here: http://cafepress.com

    My main Whee! Design CafePress profile: http://www.cafepress.com/profile/wheedesign

    Disclaimer: While I sell my designs through CafePress, I am not employed by CafePress, nor am I compensated for these videos by CP in any way.

  • ZBox Unboxing for December 2016

    My December ZBox is here! This one is very exciting as it contains a lot of cool Star Wars stuff. Whee!

    The ZBOX is a monthly geek box themed around your favorite geeky interests and includes a wide variety of items tied to a monthly theme. It's a great way to build your collection. The box between $20 and $23 a month and includes free shipping! I've found that the stuff in the ZBox are usually premium quality items that are really worth more than the monthly subscription price.

    Next month's theme is "Mystical" and looks like it could include items from Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Dragon Age, and Tabatha.

    Check out ZBox

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  • ADABOX002 Unboxing Video

    This is the second AdaBox in AdaFruit's new subscription service. I'm bummed I missed the first one, but excited to get started now. I'm kind of new to the hardware world of electrical engineering and making, but I know enough to be dangerous. :-) I used to play with those big electronics kits with the spring connections when I was a kid. And I've made a few of my own blinky, LED wearable over the last couple of years. Much of it thanks to AdaFruit.

    Check out the complete unboxing video below where we find out what kind of cool stuff we're going to build. You can also visit AdaFruit and find out more about the AdaBox subscription by clicking the links below.

    Visit AdaFruit Check Out AdaBox

  • Whee! I'm a YouTuber!

    ... or do I have to hit a certain number of subscribers before I can call myself that?

    Anyway, I've just launched my new YouTube channel! Check it out here! There will be much more to come with product reviews from all of the print on demand companies I use as well as other fun, geek themed stuff. I'll also be making tutorials and how-tos on getting started in the print on demand business and making that business last and grow. There will be graphic design stuff, unboxings, DIY/maker videos, and any other fun geeky stuff I think is interesting.

    Check out the video and subscribe!!

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and have a great New Year!!

  • Making a Whee! Design Beanie Hat Gallery

    I decided to post a quick photo gallery of the making of my Whee! Design CMYK beanie hat. Now that I've got the dye sublimation printer back up and running, I thought this would be a fun project. I like the quality and color of the new inks and I think I'll be offering custom beanies for sale after the start of the New Year.

    Whee! Design CMYK Beanie Design

    Whee! Design CMYK Beanie Design

    Here's the original design straight from Photoshop. Both sides are printed on the same sheet of 13in x 19in TexPrintXP-HR Dye Sublimation paper.

    Printing the Design

    Printing the Design

    Both sides of the beanie are printed on the same sheet of 13in x 19in TexPrintXP-HR paper using dye sublimation ink on an Epson Workforce 1100 inkjet printer.

    Final Printed Design

    Final Printed Design

    The final print is dry and ready for pressing.

    Blank Vapor Apparel Fleece Beanie

    Blank Vapor ® Fleece Beanie

    The blank beanies are completely white and have a 1 inch band around the bottom.

    Cardboard Insert Makes Pressing Easier

    Cardboard Insert Makes Pressing Easier

    I found it much easier to press the beanies when they are theaded on these DIY cardboard inserts. I can easily trun the edges slightly toward the side I'm pressing so there is no white line along the seam.

    Hotronix Fusion Heat Press

    Hotronix ® Fusion Heat Press

    When I'm pressing at the studio, I use my Hotronix Fusion press from Stahls. It's got a 16in x 20in platen and is perfect for everything from dog tags to tshirts. The settings I use for the beanies are 390°F for 50 seconds and 0 pressure (just let the wieght of the platen do the work).

    Loading the Press

    Loading the Press

    Always put a protective paper sheet under and over the item to be pressed. Keep it clean!

    Ready to Press

    Ready to Press

    I've got the bottom protective sheet, my beanie, and the printed design in the press. Just need to put the top cover sheet on and it's ready to go!

    First Side is Done

    First Side is Done

    After 50 seconds of pressing, open the press and quickly pull the top cover paper and the design off the beanie.

    Finished Beanie!

    Finished Beanie!

    Here's the finished product! Actually, this is the BACK of the finished product. I only took pictures of this side while I was pressing it.

    Here's the Front

    Here's the Front

    Here's the front of the finished beanie with my stylized CMKY Whee! Design logo design.

    Obligatory Model Shot

    Obligatory Model Shot

    And then there's me being all nice and toasty in my stylin' new beanie skull cap.

    So there it is! These beanies are a fun and easy way to customize your winter or fall style.

    Here's some links to some of the products I use:

    Stahls Hotronix® Fusion Heat Press

    Vapor® Adult Fleece Beanie

    TexPrintXP-HR Sublimation Paper

  • PHP Heredoc Color Coding Fix in Adobe Dreamweaver

    * Dreamweaver CC 2017 Update - This doesn't appear to be working for the CC2017 release of Dreamweaver. They completely rewrote the editor and color-coding has been dramatically altered. Adobe has said they are considering putting color-coding back the way it was or at least updating the new method so it works like the old one. I'll update again if they change anything.

    Even though I rarely use Adobe Dreamweaver's Design Mode, I still rely on it daily for most of my web development coding. There is just something familiar and comfortable in the code coloring, shortcuts, and file management system.

    That being said, one of the most common code constructs I use in my web projects is PHPs Heredoc string delimited convention.

    Here's a link to the Heredoc PHP documentation:


    It looks something like this:

    $strHtml = <<<EOM
    <p>Example of string
    spanning <strong>multiple lines</strong>
    using <em>heredoc</em> syntax.</p>

    I personally use EOM as my marker, but others frequently use EOF, END, EOT, etc.

    The problem with using this kind of delimiter in Dreamweaver though, is that it will break the color coding. HTML or Javascript inside the Heredoc tags is not colored correctly and all the PHP after the tags is often messed up.

    There is a relatively easy fix though. We can update the color coding configuration files in Dreamweaver to ignore the Heredoc tags and color code everything inside them as if they weren't there.

    First, you need to locate the PHP.xml file. In my installation of Dreamweaver CC 2015 on Windows 10, it is located here:

    C:>Program Files>Adobe>Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015>Configuration>CodeColoring>PHP.xml

    Open this in your favorite text editor. You will probably need to be an Administrator to edit this file depending on your system set up.

    There are a series of <blockStart>...</blockEnd> sections at the beginning of the file. The last one is at around line 18.

    After this line:


    Add the following:

    <blockStart doctypes="PHP_MySQL" scheme="customText"><![CDATA[<?php\s]]></blockStart>
    <blockStart doctypes="PHP_MySQL" scheme="customText"><![CDATA[<?php\n]]></blockStart>
    <blockStart doctypes="PHP_MySQL" scheme="customText"><![CDATA[EOM;]]></blockStart>

    Note you will need to change the three 'EOM' references if you use a different tag in your script. If you use more than one, you will need to add these lines for each variation.

    That's it! Save the file and restart Dreamweaver. Your color coding should now be doing what you expect it to do.

  • Ready for the Gilmore Girls Revival?

    So are you all geared up and ready to watch the 4 episode/movie revival of Gilmore Girls? Binge watching will probably be the word of the day on November 25th as people return to Stars Hollow to catch up with their favorite characters. From what we've seen, it's going to be a day full of the feels.

    While you're waiting, we've added a bunch of new stuff to the Gilmore Girls Fan Merchandise portal at CafePress. From the classic Luke's Diner, to Star's Hollow, The Musical, we've got you covered.

    Check Out the Collection

  • Good Witch or Bad Witch

    Make your choice this Halloween with a fun Good Witch or Bad Witch t-shirt. The latest from Whee! Design in men's and women's styles. Available at Amazon.com.

  • Star Trek Poster Designs

    I've been a fan of Star Trek since watching reruns of the original series as a kid. Star Trek is celebrating 50 years with a new movie, Star Trek: Beyond and a new TV series in 2017, Star Trek: Discovery. These poster designs were created as part of the CafePress Star Trek Fan Portal.

  • Marvel Comics Sugar Skulls

    I've always thought there is something very cool about the style of traditional Mexican sugar skulls. I decide to mix my fascination with these fun designs with my love of comics. This is the first batch of a set of sugar skull designs inspired by classic Marvel Comics characters.

  • DJ Corey B and Selleena Line Dancing Flyers

    DJ Corey B and line dancing instructor Selleena have run a series of line dancing classes and events throughout the Erie area. Corey asked us to design some flyers to help promote these events. The first flyer was for use at McCoy's Barrelhouse and Grill so we used the same design style that we used on previous design work at McCoy's. Subsequent flyers used various of the same style.