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  • Custom Candy Heart Designs for Valentine's Day

    This Valentine's Day or ANY day, say what YOU want! Our Candy Heart Designs can be customized to say virtually anything. Get your custom Valentine's Day t-shirts, hoodies, cards and Valentine's Day gifts here.

    Say I love you to someone special. If you're anti-Valentine's Day, then say I hate you! Be as sweet or as rude as you want. Personalized Hearts make great gifts for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, bff's or just some guy down the street.

    It's easy to do! Just select and lick the color you want below, then select the product you want to personalize, then click the big orange 'Personalize' button. Fill in what you want your heart to say in the three lines, deleting any text you don't want to appear. Finally click, 'Let's See It!' Make sure you double check your spelling!

    Personalized Pink Candy Heart
    Pink Candy Heart


    Personalized Orange Candy Heart
    Orange Candy Heart


    Personalized Yellow Candy Heart
    Yellow Candy Heart


    Personalized Green Candy Heart
    Green Candy Heart


    Personalized Blue Candy Heart
    Blue Candy Heart


    Personalized Purple Candy Heart
    Purple Candy Heart


    Personalized White Candy Heart
    White Candy Heart


    Personalized Black Candy Heart
    Black Candy Heart


  • Ready for the Gilmore Girls Revival?

    So are you all geared up and ready to watch the 4 episode/movie revival of Gilmore Girls? Binge watching will probably be the word of the day on November 25th as people return to Stars Hollow to catch up with their favorite characters. From what we've seen, it's going to be a day full of the feels.

    While you're waiting, we've added a bunch of new stuff to the Gilmore Girls Fan Merchandise portal at CafePress. From the classic Luke's Diner, to Star's Hollow, The Musical, we've got you covered.

    Check Out the Collection

  • Star Trek Poster Designs

    I've been a fan of Star Trek since watching reruns of the original series as a kid. Star Trek is celebrating 50 years with a new movie, Star Trek: Beyond and a new TV series in 2017, Star Trek: Discovery. These poster designs were created as part of the CafePress Star Trek Fan Portal.