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  • AdaBox003 Unboxing Video

    AdaBox003 is all about the Internet of Things! Adafruit partnered with DigiKey this time around to give us a bunch of stuff to add the internet to just about anything. I'm thinking maybe I'll use the components to make a motion sensor for my front porch so I can get a text notification anytime someone shows up. Or maybe I'll start on my weather station. We'll see.

    Join me as I crack open this edition of AdaBox and see what's inside!

    Don't forget to like the video and subscribe! Thanks!!

    Visit AdaFruit Check Out AdaBox DigiKey's maker.io

  • AdaFruit AdaBox002 Robot Speed Build

    A quick speed build and demo of the AdaFruit Robot Friend from the subscription box AdaBox002. This was a fun, easy build and it was easy to adjust and upload the Arduino code to the AdaFruit Feather microcontroller.

    The AdaFruit Learning System, is an amazing resource for learning electronics, 3D printing, and a lot of other cool stuff. Make sure you check it out!

    And if you're interested in building one of your own and didn't get the box, it looks like it's available as a purchase now on the AdaFruit web site here: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3235

    Follow the instructions for the box in the AdaFruit Learning System: http://learn.adafruit.com/adabox002

  • ADABOX002 Unboxing Video

    This is the second AdaBox in AdaFruit's new subscription service. I'm bummed I missed the first one, but excited to get started now. I'm kind of new to the hardware world of electrical engineering and making, but I know enough to be dangerous. :-) I used to play with those big electronics kits with the spring connections when I was a kid. And I've made a few of my own blinky, LED wearable over the last couple of years. Much of it thanks to AdaFruit.

    Check out the complete unboxing video below where we find out what kind of cool stuff we're going to build. You can also visit AdaFruit and find out more about the AdaBox subscription by clicking the links below.

    Visit AdaFruit Check Out AdaBox